About Christina’s Corner

Christina’s Corner Dance Studio is a small, fun studio that teaches dance and dance technique by qualified teachers. Throughout her career in dance, Christina attended, judged, and danced in countless competitions. She shuttered each time she saw young girls in very inappropriate attire and couldn’t believe the studios that would try to pass off shimmying, shaking, cheap tricks, and booty-rolls as dance. When it came time to teaching her own daughter, Christina decided that by opening her own studio, she could ensure that her daughters learned age appropriate dances with solid technique instead of Las Vegas-style material.

Originally Christina planned on teaching her daughter, Andelun, and a handful of nieces and neighbors, but was encouraged by some to open the studio up to others who might want their children to also learn to dance in a casual, clean environment.  With only one month before she was to open up the studio, Christina decided to do a small amount of marketing to invite others in the community to join her in her small studio. When Christina sent word that she was teaching solid technique, and age appropriate dance with conservative attire, she was overwhelmed by the response. She had so many students apply, she had to hire a few other teachers to help with the demand.

Christina is now starting her fourth year with Christina’s Corner Dance Studio, and  is very happy to be teaching more than 100 students from all over Utah County. Feel free to reach out to her with questions so you can know if Christina’s Corner is right for your daughter or son: Christina@cornerdance.com.

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