From the age of 6 months, my oldest daughter, Andelun, started moving, swaying, and dancing to any music she could hear. One of her first words was “dance,” and no morning was complete without her begging us to turn on music so she could dance as my husband got ready for work. As her third birthday approached, I thought seriously about where I would send her to learn dance.

After more than 7 years of directing dance in Spanish Fork, I sold my studio when Andelun was born. Only a few years later I thought back to when I was three and starting dance. My mother, also a BYU Dance graduate, taught me to dance with my cousins and neighbors in her studio. I no longer owned a studio, but I found myself wanting to give my daughter the same happy memories my mother gave me. It took a little convincing, but I persuaded my husband to transform part of our unfinished basement into my “Corner” of the house where I could teach Andelun, her cousins, her friends, and our neighbors here in Lindon and the surrounding area.

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