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Beginning Dance

On Your Feet

We believe we've got the best beginning dance classes in the business. Most studios hire young, inexperienced teachers for their tots. . .not at Corner Dance! We've got seasoned teachers that are experienced and love to teach the little ones. We teach tots Combo classes (ballet, tap, and jazz), as well as hip hop (with a great mix of boys and girls), and tumbling.

Intermediate Dance

Get Up & Move

After you’ve mastered the basics, we offer great classes in specific genres that will challenge and stretch you. Those enrolled in Intermediate dance classes are looking for more out of dance and want to dance with like-minded kids who know that it’s about more than just steps and patterns. They start to appreciate all the components that need to be integrated into good dancing.

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Performing Companies

Let’s Do It

If you have experienced dance at a competitive studio and not liked the cut-throat environment or the catty attitude, but love to dance, Corner Dance Studio is for you. If you love to dance and perform, but also want time to pursue other activities (sports, music, theater, etc. . .) Corner Dance is the studio for you. We have 4 performing companies – something for all ages – but we don’t compete. We find extra opportunities throughout the year to perform but leave the competitions behind.