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Syllabus Technique

Corner Dance Studio holds to the idea that it's still possible to learn syllabus technique and modest dance in a non-competitive environment.

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Our Story

How We Got Started

Three years after selling my dance studio in Spanish fork, I realized I had to find a studio so my daughter could dance. She was turning 3 and was the reason I sold my studio to begin with. I wanted to be at home with her and my new baby. But now, I wanted my daughter to dance and I had real issues with many of the choices near me in Lindon, UT. There are fewer and fewer studios that teach modest dance with syllabus technique. There are fewer and fewer studios that don’t substitute shimmying and shaking for technical dance. There are fewer and fewer studios that outfit dancers in modest costumes or dance to clean music.

Knowing I could teach my kids the way I wanted them to be taught, I convinced my husband to transform a corner of our unfinished basement into a dance studio: Christina’s Corner Dance Studio. When we told our community our story, the response was overwhelming! That was in 2009. Now, more than 8 years later, we’ve grown and expanded. We dug out a large portion of our back yard and built a full-sized studio (25x32) with 12-foot ceilings. We changed our name to Corner Dance Studio, and with 9 instructors, we teach several genres of dance to all ages of children. We even teach Pilates to many of the mothers in the morning! If you want dance in a safe, modest environment, come check us out at Corner Dance Studio.

Classes We Offer

Beginning dancers prefer to take “Intermediate” level classes. Intermediate dancers prefer to take “Advance” level classes. Advanced dancers focus on the basics.

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Beginning Dance

On Your Feet


Intermediate Dance

Get Up & Move

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Performing Companies

Let’s Do It

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 2pm - 8pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed



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