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About Us

Strong. Graceful. Modest

At 6-months-old, my daughter couldn’t stop moving – especially when we played music. She was a dancer from the beginning, just like I was and my mother before me. Even before graduating from BYU with a degree in dance, I started a dance studio with my mother, also a BYU graduate with a dance degree.


Around 7 years later, because I wanted to be a full-time mother, I sold my dance studio not long after my daughter was born, but like most true dancers, I couldn’t stay away. When my daughter was approaching 3-years-old, I started to look for a dance studio so she could learn the family trade.

I had a hard time finding a studio I trusted, a studio that was modest, and a studio that would teach syllabus (correct) technique to a future dancer. Plus, when you’re a beginning dancer, most studios throw a teenager with little to no experience in front of the class and expect little from the kids. I didn’t want that for my daughters. I wanted my kids to learn great, clean, challenging dance from a seasoned instructor who knew how to dance herself. I knew I could provide quality instruction for my kids and maybe for others in our Utah County community. After much deliberation, I decided it was time to start a new dance studio – but this time it needed to be somewhere I could be a mother and a dance teacher. 

I convinced my husband to create a dance studio out of a corner of our unfinished basement, and we sent out some flyers. The response was overwhelming; I learned quickly that many parents in our community wanted the same things I wanted in a dance studio. Within one year, we had to break down a wall and expand the studio to make up for our growth. In 2017, we decided to expand again. We dug out much of our back yard and built a full size dance studio (25 x 32 with 12 foot ceilings) underneath our yard – bunker-style (with a large window to bring in natural light)! Students enter the studio by walking up the driveway to the south side (to their right) of the single-garage then down the cement stairs. 

I attribute our growth and success in our ability to teach high quality, modest dance at a reasonable price. I only hire qualified, experienced teachers that will teach to my standards (even for the little ones).




We also try to be as flexible with our kids as possible. If you’d like to dance and also play soccer, or sing in a choir, or take acting classes, etc.., we’ll do our best to find classes for you that will give you other options. Too many kids today are forced to chose only dance because too many studios are requiring too many hours at such a young age. We’re not that kind of studio.  Come and see what we offer. I think you’ll be happy you did.

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Christina Lloyd
Studio Director
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