We want your family to have access to affordable, quality dance education. We have designed our tuition for families who have multiple children in dance class and students who want to master several types of dance styles. Tuition is based on the number of class hours per week, per family. Discounts are given as the hours per week increase.

Additional Fees

  • Registration Fee: $20 per child, to be paid during Fall registration. Covers the entire Fall/Winter dance year. 

  • Recital Fee: Approximately  $100 per family. This includes 10+ tickets for the recital (there is no cost to our dance families for recital tickets, more tickets may be requested).

  • Costumes: Approximately $75 per performing dance class (may be adjusted based on final cost of costumes). The costume fee is billed $10 per month Oct-Mar, then the final costume true-up fee is in April. We try to keep our costume costs as low as possible by shopping year-round for our costumes and doing bulk purchases. 

  • Team Uniform & Costume Costs: Visit the team information page for more detailed information.